Shipping Policy

All items are handmade and made to order, please allow 7-14 business days. Harms Mettle is my side passion along with my full time career, I am one person with the same hours in a day as you! Thank you for the support!

Return Policy / Refund policy

As of now returns are only available to “defective” items (such as clasp malfunction). All photos of goods are unedited and sold “as is”. Refunds as of now are unavailable, only exchanges/repairs.

What kind of metal do you work with? 

I work with Brass, also known as “NuGold”, “Jewelers Bronze”, “Red Brass”. Brass/NuGold is 85% copper, 15% zinc, NO NICKEL. Brass/NuGold tarnishes considerably slower than copper, and is easy to care for.

How do you care for Brass/NuGold?

For care, please refer to our “Care” page for in-depth description.